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WTD 10GBASE-SR/SW SFP+ 850 nm Transceivers P/N RTXM228-551
Wuhan Telecommunication Devices

WTD 10GBASE-SR/SW SFP+ 850 nm Transceivers P/N RTXM228-551

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The RTXM228 850nm VCSEL 10Gigabit Transceiver is designed to transmit and receive serial optical data over 50um MMF ( up to 300 meters. They are compliant with SFF-8431, SFF-8432 and IEEE802.3ae 10GBASE-SR/SW. The transmitter converts serial CML electrical data into serial optical data compliant with the 10GBASE-SR standard. An open collector compatible Transmit Disable (Tx_Dis) is provided. When TX_DIS is asserted High, Transmitter is turned off. The receiver converts serial optical data into serial CML electrical data. An open collector compatible Loss of Signal is provided. The RX_LOS signal indicates insufficient optical power for reliable signal reception at the receiver. Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in SFF-8472.

-Compliant to SFP+ MSA
-Fully RoHS Compliant
-All metal housing for superior EMI performance
-IPF compliant mechanics (SFF-8432 Rev 4.3)
-Operating data rate 9.953-10.3125Gbps
-850nm VCSEL Laser
-High sensitivity PIN photodiode and TIA
-LC duplex connector
-Hot pluggable 20pin connector
-Low power consumption <1.0W
-0 to 70 ℃ ℃ operating wide temperature range
-Single +3.3V±5% power supply
-Digital Monitoring SFF-8472 Rev 10.2 compliant
-Real time monitoring of:
-Transmitted optical power
-Received optical power
-Laser bias current
-Supply voltage