EDFA BA Sub Rack Series with SNMP & FBG DCM
EDFA BA Sub Rack Series with SNMP & FBG DCM

EDFA BA Sub Rack Series with SNMP & FBG DCM

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OSP-EDFA-BA-DCM-1 type of EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier) optical amplifier sub rack has been designed for use in optical transmission systems.

10/100 Ethernet Interface is combined which supports SNMP and Web Browser Protocol.

FBG-DCM module which is pluggable is combined in the rack.

OSP-EDFA-BA-DCM series are customizable, please let us know your special requirements.

Connectivity up to 300 km

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  • Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier is a slap-up professional equipment, and its installation and debugging must be operated by special technician. User should read the manual before operating to prevent damaging the equipment by fault operation or harming to human's body.
  • There is invisible laser bean from fiber output, which direct shining at eye will cause permanence burn.
  • Earthing first before turning on the power and being sure that the rack mount and the outlet earth well (Earthing resistance should be less than 4Ω), prevent to damaging the laser by static and harming user.