FCST210203 Fiber Optic cable blower Fusion Splicing Tool kit

FCST210203 Fiber Optic cable blower Fusion Splicing Tool kit

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The FCST210203 tool kit is ideal for optical fiber fusion splicing. It includes all the most
frequently need tools and supplies required for cable sheath removal and fusion splicing.


  1. 1Fiber optic stripper CFS-2
  2. 1KEVLAR Scissors KC-1
  3. 1Fiber Jacket Stripper HW-108
  4. 1Rotary Cable Stripper HW-315
  5. 145-163 Blue buffer tube stripper
  6. 1Optical Fiber Precision Cleaver HW-05C
  7. 1Fiber Continuity Tester MT-10S
  8. 1Longitudinal Fiber Cable Slitter KMS-K
  9. 5Round Cable Slitter RCS-360
  10. 18” Steel Wire Rope Cutter
  11. 16”Needle Node Pliers 135mm
  12. 16” Side Cut Pliers 130mm
  13. 14 Bits Screwdriver
  14. 1FBT Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube,120wipes
  15. 57% IPA Cleaning Wipes (Pre-Moistened)
  16. 1100ml Alcohol Dispensing Bottle
  17. 160mm Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves, 100 pieces/bag
  18. 12M Tape Measure
  19. 1Precision Steel tweezers
  20. 1Fiber Optic Disposal Unit
  21. 1Utility Knife
  22. 1Black Marker
  23. 1Deluxe Carrying Tool Case (370×265×138mm)