FCST210503 FAST Connector Termination Kit

FCST210503 FAST Connector Termination Kit

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FAST Connector Termination Tool Kit contains all the tooling you need to prepare the fibre optic cable (breakout, stripping and cleaving) for termination with the range of FAST connectors. The kit allows the termination of 250µm and 900µm coated fibres using the PC range of FAST connectors.


Tri-Hole Fiber Optic Stripper TFS-392
KEVLAR Scissor KC-1
6”Side Cut Pliers 130mm
FTTH Flat Drop Optical Cable Stripper HW-9FS
Optical Fiber Precision Cleaver FC-6S w/Bin attached
Optical Fiber Power Meter , FPM-380A
Visual Fault Locator VFL-10S
FBT Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube,120wipes
250ml Twist-Lock Automatic Alcohol Dispensing Bottle
Fiber Optic Disposal Unit
Black Marker
Portable Carry Bag (230×160×150mm)