FCST02210 Series Fiber Optic Terminal Box
FCST02210 Series Fiber Optic Terminal Box
FCST02210 Series Fiber Optic Terminal Box

FCST02210 Series Fiber Optic Terminal Box

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FCST02210 type Optical fiber boxes by the company's independent development and production, product performance in line with the industry standard YD / T2150-2010 requirements. FTTX access systems are mainly used in the terminal part. Case made of high strength PC / ABS alloy plastic injection molding, with good sealing and anti-aging properties, in the outdoor wall, hanging rod installation or indoor wall installation.

Box Functionality
(1) Internal use of double-layer structure design, flip board flip angle of 90 °. Flip the upper plate of the cable into the end zone, the lower cable splice, coiled store. Outside the cabinet bottom for cable entry fixed, fixed wing cable and cassette storage Optical mounting area. Trunk and distribution cable partition is placed, do not interfere, facilitate construction operations and ongoing maintenance.
(2) Along the left side of the box has two holes into the cable, are installed waterproof connector can be simultaneously introduced two outdoor fiber optic cable and 16 butterfly, the cable-hole seal plug, in the cabinets meet outdoor cable straight or disagreements splicing and connecting cable into the side of the butterfly, while meeting the cabinet reaches IP55 level sealing performance.
(3) Splice disc in one piece, to meet the 12-core or 24 core capacities.
 (4) Adapter installation unit can be mounted 12 SC adapters.
 (5) Butterfly fixed storage unit with coiled cable structure, single-hole lead, and can be ordered fixed butterfly laying fiber optic cable.
 (6) Cabinets can store about one meter butterfly cable, wire loop ordered by laying in the housing, and can ensure the bending radius ≥30mm.