Data Centers

Data Centers LLC is your best partner to establish new revenues by creating better and more connected data centers. The Data Center environment is a complex combination of technologies that requires each of its components to work in unison to ultimately ensure the safety and security of the data within.

In 2018, spending on public cloud infrastructure as service hardware and software is forecasted to reach $48B, growing to $173B in 2026. Software as a service SaaS and Platform as a service PaaS portion of cloud hardware and infrastructure software spending are projected to reach $55B in 2026.

Using our state of the art connectivity solutions, your company will have better chance to grab more revenues from $55 billion dollar market.

In a data center, the goal is to move data as fast as possible with the lowest latency and that means using the fastest possible data communications links.

Our Active Optical Cables (AOC) lines of products are simple, fast and economical connectivity solutions for data centers. As we approach terabit speeds at data centers, copper line cannot manage the required job. Hence, our multi-mode and single mode optic lines and connectivity solutions are the best for the upcoming data challenges in data centers.

Our AOC solution is optimized for short distances (MMF):

- Low cost
- Low power consumption
- Small cable bend radius
- Low cable weight
- High-density
- Low link latency