Fiber Networks

Fiber Networks

WDM solutions are High-Density and flexible. LLC offers a portfolio that includes CWDM & DWDM appliances, Optical Splitters, and Optical Amplifiers. LLC continues to be a consistent leader in the transition to high-density pluggable transceivers for transport applications.

Fiber optic networking is highly desirable for today’s communication needs due to the hyper-connected world we live in. Since physical fiber optic cabling is expensive to implement using Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) for expanding the capacity of the fiber is highly advisable.

Increase network traffic from application such a wireless backhaul and cloud computing have the industry searching for transport solutions that offer greater flexibility to increase network utilization. LLC offers a broad DWDM portfolio that includes tunable transceivers with a portfolio of optical transceivers for wireless infrastructure applications. We off products rated for data center, outsize plant, industrial and military applications. These modules span data rates from 1.25 Gb/s to 100 Gb/s, and reaches from 300m on multi-mode fiber (MMF) to 120km on single mode fiber (SMF).

Hyper-connectivity has driven explosive growth in demand for mobile bandwidth. Wireless operators have been struggling to keep pace with this demand, upgrading their networks to 4G/LTE, and soon, 5G. These upgrades require a shift to optical transmission. Higher bandwidth requirements require innovative and quality fiber optics networks and components.

Technology for Access Networks LLC offers a broad portfolio of optical transceivers to support access network upgrades. Products are available in form factors including SFP, SFP+ and QSFP. In addition, LLC delivers cost-effective high speed, components and bidirectional technology that enable network consolidation, scalability for continuous network expansion and better bandwidth efficiency required for next generation access networks.

Expanding business internet, cloud computing, mobile bandwidth and residential broadband services are all driving the need for higher bandwidth while pushing fiber closer to the customer premises. LLC can consult, architect and deploy innovative solutions to meet these demands. Partner with LLC to support long term growth, higher data rates, more scalable and higher-density next-generation access solutions.

Rugged and Highly Reliable Fiber Optic Solutions LLC provides fiber optic solutions that are rugged and hardened for military, aerospace, and industrial applications. They are designed to meet military shock and vibration specifications, and they have wide storage and operating temperature ranges. LLC’s laser technology is highly reliable with a mean-time-to-failure of less than 10 parts per million and digital diagnostic functions in the transceivers provide early warning of issues with the data link.

Aircraft, ships, and military vehicles are increasingly outfitted with more electronic equipment with communication links. Fiber is impervious to Electromagnetic Interference signals from external sources. With these characteristics, fiber optic solutions can eliminate bulky copper cables, which in turn save valuable space and weight for the consumers.